Apostle Alexander Chisango

Apostle Alexander Chisango has spent 21 years in apostolic, prophetic and kingdom-based nation building work within the spiritual, political, social and economic sectors of Zimbabwe and with global outreach across the Body of Christ and governments since the early 90s. Currently he pincipally presides over three major works as below:

  1. Kingdom International Apostolic Mandate (KIAM) - for fathering spiritual sons to rise into diverse reformation oriented ministries in Zimbabwe, Africa and globally. Through KIAM, we host Kingdom Congresses and Nations of Christ Convocations in Zimbabwe annually, also doing  their outreaches respectively.
  2. Divine Economic Empowerment Council (DEEC) - a Council for deploying churches for biblical financial and economic building and transformation among nations.
  3. Congress for Nation Building (CfNB) - a Church led and Church driven coalition for envisioning and coordinating all sectors of nation building.

He also served as Assistant Coordinator for Zimbabwe's National Literacy Campaign (1982-1988) after Zimbabwe's independence, before co-leading an NGO for institutioinal capacity building d(988--1990), and stepping into Church-based ministry in late 1990.

He is married to Analyn Chisango, with three sons, one daughter, and one granddaughter - all living in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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